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At Green Dragon Cyber Watch, a certified California DVBE/SB Value Added Reseller, we appreciate the unique challenges small businesses face in the realm of IT. We offer a wide spectrum of IT products and services, managing all your procurement needs while assuring the utmost security and compliance standards. Our deep expertise enables us to guide small businesses through their unique IT challenges, delivering solutions that are secure, compliant, and meet stringent accessibility requirements.

We are proud of our roots as a Native American, Latino, and LGBTQI-owned and operated small business. We firmly believe in empowering similar businesses that are making a positive impact. Hence, we offer discounted services to small businesses working towards causes that align with our values:

  • Diversity and Inclusivity: We firmly believe in the power of diverse and inclusive businesses, leading to better business outcomes, and we support those who champion these values.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Our commitment to environmental sustainability reflects in our selection of green products and services. We actively support businesses with a similar no-waste, maximum-use mindset.
Key Challenges

Small businesses often grapple with the task of ensuring robust security for sensitive data, managing diverse IT resources, and complying with California's stringent data privacy laws, all within often limited budgets. Additionally, ensuring an accessible digital environment for employees, customers, and stakeholders is paramount. We understand these challenges and are dedicated to providing effective and tailored solutions.

Our Solutions

As a responsive and dedicated partner for small businesses, we offer a broad suite of IT products and services, inclusive of discounted services for businesses supporting value-aligned initiatives.

Our services extend beyond just providing IT products. We offer expert advice to ensure secure and compliant implementation of IT solutions that fit your unique needs. Our offerings range from advanced software solutions that secure your business's IT infrastructure, to tools that ensure top-tier accessibility, enabling an inclusive digital environment for everyone.


With Green Dragon Cyber Watch, you enjoy the nimbleness and personalized service of a small business, along with the deep knowledge and expertise of an industry leader.

Our understanding of California's privacy laws and their implications on your IT procurement ensures that you can confidently build a safe, secure, and compliant digital environment. Plus, our special discounts for small businesses supporting causes and initiatives aligned with our values aim to make top-tier IT solutions more accessible, helping you to focus on growing your business.

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