At Green Dragon Cyber Watch, we understand the unique and complex challenges that K-12 Districts face when it comes to the management and security of their IT environment. As a dedicated Value Added Reseller, we not only handle all your IT purchases, but we also bring to the table our deep-rooted expertise in cybersecurity. Our unique understanding of the complexities and requirements of digital learning environments sets us apart.

With the evolving landscape of digital education, we realize the paramount importance of protecting student data. We're not just another provider, we're your strategic partner, ensuring all procured products come fortified with robust security measures that shield against data breaches and attacks.

Moreover, we have a unique comprehension of accessibility requirements that are often overlooked by other providers. We make sure that the products and services we provide are designed and implemented keeping all learners in mind, ensuring no student is left behind in this digital age.

Key Challenges

In an era of increasing cybersecurity threats and stringent data privacy regulations, especially in California, managing a secure and inclusive digital learning environment can be an overwhelming task. We understand these challenges and are committed to providing solutions that address these critical aspects effectively.

Our Solutions

As a California DVBE/SB Value Added Reseller, we pride ourselves on being a responsive, knowledgeable, and strategic partner for K-12 Districts. We offer a comprehensive suite of IT products and services that meet the specific needs of digital education, with a focus on security, accessibility, and compliance.

Our services go beyond simply delivering products. We offer expert advice to enable you to choose and implement the best solutions for your district's unique needs. This includes software that ensures your school's IT infrastructure is not only secure but also adheres to the highest standards of accessibility, helping you create an inclusive learning environment for all students.


With Green Dragon Cyber Watch, you'll benefit from the personalized service and quick response time of a small business, coupled with the in-depth expertise typically found in much larger organizations.

We are committed to protecting student data and upholding California's rigorous privacy laws. Our understanding of these laws and their implications on your IT purchases ensures you can confidently build a safe and compliant digital environment.

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