Community Colleges


Green Dragon Cyber Watch, a recognized California DVBE/SB Value Added Reseller, acknowledges the unique IT needs and challenges of Community Colleges. With our broad range of IT services and products, we handle all your procurement needs, always ensuring the optimal security and compliance of each product. Our expertise and understanding of the intricacies of the educational environment empower us to provide not only secure IT solutions, but also those that meet stringent accessibility requirements.

Key Challenges

Community Colleges face a unique blend of challenges - securing sensitive data, ensuring compliance with California's rigorous data privacy regulations, managing diverse IT resources, and providing an accessible digital environment for all students. We understand these obstacles and are devoted to providing effective, tailored solutions.

Our Solutions

As a responsive, dedicated partner for Community Colleges, we offer a broad suite of IT products and services. Our expertise allows us to provide tailored advice, ensuring the secure and compliant implementation of the best solutions for your specific needs.

Our offerings range from advanced software solutions that secure your college's IT infrastructure, to tools that ensure top-tier accessibility, fostering an inclusive learning environment. We ensure all procured products and services comply with California's stringent data privacy laws, providing you peace of mind in the digital safety of your community.


With Green Dragon Cyber Watch, you enjoy the best of both worlds - the quick response and personalized service of a small business, and the deep-seated knowledge and expertise of an industry veteran.

Our understanding of California's privacy laws and their implications on your IT procurement assures you can confidently build a safe, secure, and compliant digital environment. We're committed to providing you with top-tier IT solutions, enabling you to focus on delivering the best education to your students.

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