Accessibility Products/Services

At Green Dragon Cyber Watch, we deeply understand the importance of creating and maintaining accessible digital environments. As part of our broad IT products and services suite, we offer specialized solutions aimed at enhancing digital accessibility.

We provide robust software solutions that ensure the accessibility of various document types, such as PDFs and PowerPoint presentations. These tools allow you to convert your standard documents into accessible formats, ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their abilities, can effectively engage with your content. This offering aligns with our commitment to inclusivity and our belief that accessibility is a fundamental right in the digital realm.

In addition, our services extend beyond just providing accessible software. We have the expertise to verify the accessibility of existing software. Our team conducts thorough accessibility audits, assessing your current software's compliance with accessibility standards. We can identify areas of non-compliance and provide recommendations for improvement, thus helping you to ensure that your digital platforms are inclusive and accessible to all.

Our commitment to promoting digital accessibility is unwavering. With our expertise, cutting-edge software solutions, and dedication to inclusivity, you can trust Green Dragon Cyber Watch to help you build and maintain a truly accessible digital environment.

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