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Don't Be The Next Security Breach! 5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask Their Web Admin

Are you a leader in a school district or nonprofit organization with the responsibility of overseeing your organization's WordPress site? Ensuring the cybersecurity of your website may seem like a daunting task, especially when your primary focus is elsewhere.

Well, breathe easy! We've got you covered. We're proud to introduce our latest video, "Don't Be The Next Security Breach! 5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask Their Web Admin". In this easy-to-digest, 3-minute video, we break down the top five things you should be asking your website admin to ensure your WordPress site is safe and secure.

From two-factor authentication for admin logins to ensuring regular updates and stringent field validation, we cover key aspects of WordPress security that you must be aware of.

Remember, securing your organization's digital front door is as crucial as locking your physical doors. Be proactive, be aware, and make your website a secure place for your visitors.

At Green Dragon Cyber Watch, our mission is to empower leaders like you with the knowledge and resources to protect your digital realm. Stay tuned to our blog and YouTube channel for more informative content just like this. Share it with your peers, colleagues, and fellow leaders to spread the word about cybersecurity best practices.

Happy viewing, and here's to a safer, more secure digital world!

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