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Affordable High-Speed Internet for all US Schools

Information about the E-Rate program is reaching administrators. I can clarify the purpose of the funding and help you secure money for your school.

Understanding the E-Rate Program

The E-Rate program was designed by the USAC, an independent, not-for-profit with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) oversight, to help “ensure that schools and libraries can obtain high-speed internet access and telecommunications at affordable rates,” according to The E-Rate program is funded by the Universal Services Fund (USF), and administered by the USAC. All told, the USF has $10 Billion USD available annually with a large portion earmarked for improving internet access and security at schools.

Begin the Application Process with These Steps

  • Bookmark the landing page for the E-Rate Program 
  • Find out if you’re eligible 
  • Review the eligible services to become familiar with how funding may be used
  • Work with a tech advisor to finalize a list of services needed and to devise your security plan 
  • Register for an FCC Registration Number (FRN) 
  • Set up an E-Rate Productivity Center (EPC) account by calling the Customer Support Center (CSC) 
  • Follow the flow chart below for “APPLICANT”
Schools and Libraries Application Process, an Image from Universal Service Administrative CO (For Public Use)

Schools and Libraries Application Process, an Image from Universal Service Administrative Co. (For Public Use)

More on Eligible Services

Eligible services for using the funds fall into two main categories: 

1) internet access and 2) internal connections and services. 

There are about 4,500 providers participating in the program, and can provide these services to schools under month-to-month or a contractual basis.

Thankfully, discounts range from 20-90% of typical costs depending on the household poverty level and the urban vs rural status of the school.

Call to Action

Grant programs can be difficult to navigate. We support administrators who will access this funding yet need a bit of guidance. Please contact us for support selecting eligible services for your school, understanding available discounts, and beginning the application process. 

Happy securing! 🛡️

The Green Team

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